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  Modern History (1951-Present)

MODERN HISTORY (1951-PRESENT) Talal bin Abdullah (bl909, dl972), the son of Abdullah I, became King Talal I of Jordan upon his fathers death. King Talal I, however, was reported to be suffering ill health. Air Jordan Shoes,Amid concerns amongst his family and colleagues, he abdicated in favour of his son, Hussein bin Talal, in 1952. Nonetheless, during his short reign King Talal I was seen to forge stronger relations with Jordans neighbours Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and is credited with introducing a more defined constitution that saw the government and its ministers having a clear line of responsibility to the Jordanian Parliament.

King Talal I s son Hussein bin Talal ascended to the throne as King Hussein I of Jordan on 11 August 1952. He was 16 years of age. King Hussein Is reign saw local unrest and wars, including the Six-Day War involving Egypt and Israel in 1967, and the Arab-Israeli War of 1973, however, he is credited and much-admired for successfully negotiating the landmark Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace. Negotiations concluded on 26 October 1994 with a handshake between King Hussein I and the President of Israel Ezer Weizman in the presence of the then US President Bill Clinton. It brought an end to 46 years of war. Borders between the two countries were opened to much fanfare and two years later the two countries signed a Trade Treaty, which afforded them mutual respect to trade-

in July 1998 it was announced that King llussein I was receiving treatment for lymphatic cancer and he died in the following February having been one of the all-time longest-serving leaders in the international political arena. Cheap Jordan Shoes,He had held office for over 46 years and was seen as the voice of reason in an area of the world that was often turbulent. Hundreds of thousands of Jordanians lined the streets of Amman in an outpouring of grief as his funeral cortege passed.

The funeral of King Hussein I was attended by dignitaries from around the world. Among them were England's Prince of Wales, the US President Bill Clinton and three of his predecessors, Gerald Ford, George Bush Snr and Jimmy Carter, the Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and leaders from the Middle East and north Africa, including the President of the Palestinian National Authority Yasser Arafat, Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak, President of Syria Hafez al-Assad and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Natanyahu and former prime minister Yitzhak Sharmir. rIhe funeral and the fact that it brought together so many former adversaries was seen as a major point in not only Jordans history but the worlds.

King Hussein I married four times. His second wife, Antoinette Avril Gardiner (bl941), known as Her Royal Highness Princess Muna al-Hussein during her marriage, is the mother of the present king of Jordan, His Majesty King Abdullah II (bl962). Born in Suffolk, England, she met King Hussein I when she was working in the administrative office on the set of the film Lawrence of Arabia when the desert scenes were being filmed in Jordan. Her son, jordan releases,Abdullah bin al-Hussein, ascended to the throne on 7 February 1999. At the time it was reported that the new king faced economic and political challenges in Jordan, but as he had already forged good relationships with many of the Gulf rulers, and indeed leaders from around the world, it was felt the transition from one king to the next was likely to be smooth.

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