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Dabei seit: 17.08.2017
Beiträge: 81

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For a while now I've been thinking about the 'virtual agency model'.
Probably from before it had a name.
Not that I'm saying "I thought of that".
(I probably did though) Augenzwinkern

I tend to specialise in Design/Illustration but my background is traditional Graphic Design.
The stuff I do day to day can be illustration, animation, character design, packaging, branding, graphic design, apparel, murals, interiors, typography...and the list goes on.
I find it hard to market what I do as I do all sorts and I can come across as a Jack Of All Trades as one person as what I do would be better described as what an agency does but I am... only one person.

There are certain things that I don't really do such as brochures (InDesign) and web design, the actual building and dev stuff.

I've been thinking about stepping it up and creating something that appears more like an agency but using the virtual model where you bring on others to plug any skill gaps that there may be and work together.
A bit like The Power Rangers do.
You know. TEAM AWESOME kinda shit.

I am kind of part of a virtual agency right now but as a 'skill gap filler' and I guess I always have been as a freelancer.

Have any others worked in this way and if so, how's it worked out for you?


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Gegen Bilderklau - Das Original » Design, Website, Copyright » Grafiken » Virtual Agency Model? Thoughts?


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