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Geschrieben von kevinmanuel am 27.04.2018 um 15:18:

  Farming Simulator 17 Authentication Servers Down Again?


So about 4 days ago me and my Friend were getting the "No connection could be established to the Server." on the Steam Version on PC every time we tried to create a non dedicated server or even look at the server list, we tried it again the next day, same thing, same error. This morning Today, the servers worked for us perfectly and were able to play.
We started playing for 2 - 3 hours, eventually my friend had to restart his PC because his controller was not working. When he tried to get back into my Non Dedicated Server, he got the same error when trying to access the Server List "No connection could be established to the Server.". I was still in the server, every thing was fine, so I decided to restart my game to see if I was able to access the Servers when trying to Create or go to the Server list. I was not able to and got the same error "No connection could be established to the Server".
This can be extremely frustrating because we both were just in the server and yet when trying to get back in, couldn't connect to Farming Simulator 17's Main Servers anymore. It's also more frustrating when there is no Server Status for Farming Simulator 17 or any Tweets or anything from Giants Software saying there was maintenance or server issues. So basically I am here today to try and get an answer and to ask others if they are experiencing the same issue. We even got another friend to get the game and he is having the same issue, so it seems the Authentication Servers for Farming Simulator 17 On PC are down. This will continue to happen for many Hours/Days and it really kills our playing time since we don't have much of it in the first place due to having Jobs and Life's lol. There is also no way this is on our end since it was working and is not working now, we have not installed any mods or changed anything that could cause this we are also on Different Internet Service Providers, so it cant be our internet and we have all the required ports forwarded and have tested to see if they were open, which they were.To sum this all up, has anyone had this issue today or a few days ago? Is there a PC Server Status Page that I have missed somewhere Online? Because I have looked for hours and there seems to be nothing. Any help would be Appreciated

Please help.

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